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Are you looking for evidence-based marketing and communications advice?
Would you like the data to back it up?
How about growing your business with an approach that’s tailored to your needs and your audience?

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"The Plain Speaking Health team has a very diverse skill set combined with a really deep knowledge of marketing."

Anthea Goslin
Director of Clinical Services, Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Evidence-based Communications

Our clients are medical specialists, clinicians, entrepreneurs and researchers. Every day, they draw on evidence to give potentially life-altering advice to patients and clients. Having first-hand experience ourselves, we understand why our clients expect the same evidence-based approach from us.

We understand our clients must put out information that is not just clear, it must be correct. Mistakes or misrepresentation can damage the client and harm the reader.

Data-backed Marketing

Although business development, marketing and communications aren’t sciences, it’s right to expect your agency to base its advice on evidence. You should insist that there is rigour behind marketing recommendations. And it’s understandable that you want to see the data afterwards.

How else can you know what’s worked?

Bethan Perel

CEO & Founder

A Shared Language

Plain Speaking Health was founded by Bethan Perel.

Bethan is a originally a physiotherapist who has worked within hospitals and community practice. Beyond a practitioner’s grasp of Ahpra restrictions on marketing, Bethan understands the clinician’s desire to help patients and to improve the system; and she understands the researcher’s desire to have their research funded, their findings understood and the right people taking action.

As a business, we are excited about growing Australia’s healthtech ecosystem because of the potential benefits of digital health advances to all.

Bethan gives our clients a multi-dimensional view of business growth, marketing and communications. As well as being a clinician herself, Bethan is an MBA with consulting experience for PwC and Queensland Health. In addition, she directed the strategic planning, marketing and innovation portfolio for a physiotherapy business employing more than 100 team members across five outpatient sites and three hospitals. She can talk your clinical language, as well as translate business and technology strategy into plain language to make it easy for you. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the healthcare industry through changing the way that people interact with their healthcare professionals, in the system and in taking their own powerful personal action, supported by better understanding, advocacy and empowerment.  

We support the community of service businesses, HealthTech innovators, not-for-profit and research organisations across the healthcare industry to improve health outcomes for our community.  

We work with leading professionals and organisations in health, science and technology – particularly the innovators, advocates and the quiet achievers – to give them a stronger voice, a stronger business and a spotlight to help the people that need them, to actually find them. 

Our Mission

We are an agency with deep experience in healthcare, life sciences and health-tech, helping people to grow their businesses and have greater impact. 

We specialise in crafting engaging, easily understandable, ‘plain speaking’ content from very complex, advanced medical and research information.  

We deliver full marketing services, patient experiences and use digital systems to grow and empower health businesses. 

Our Values

Humble yet hungry: we pursue greatness with courage, respect and humility. 

Strive to delight: we translate genius, offer ease and exceed expectations. 

Impact through outcomes: we challenge the conventional and disrupt status quo. 

In this together: we honour and serve our clients and each other. 

The Plain Speaking Health Team

Bethan Perel

Founder & CEO

Andrew Roper

Full Stack Developer Data-Driven SEO and Paid Digital Advertising

Diba Norouzi

Project Manager Conversion Rate Optimisation & SEO Specialist

Portrait of Norwin Lacson

Norwin Lacson

Digital Marketing & Automation Specialist

Ciara O'Hanlon

Senior Graphic Designer & Print Media Specialist

Mondli Ntuli

SEO Specialist

Portrait of Adele Coleman

Adele Coleman

Health & Research
Communications Officer

Joan Magpayo

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Do you need to grow your business, reach more people or improve patient outcomes?​

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