Meet Our Team

Andrew Roper

Full Stack Developer
Data-Driven SEO and Paid Digital Advertising

Andrew covers the full stack of tech development skills — from designing and building websites and apps to search engine optimisation (SEO). Not only that, he is also that unique IT expert who can actually talk about technology in a way that everyone can understand. That’s especially important today, when technology could do so much to amplify your business — if only you had someone who could interpret your needs into technology that delivers results.

Andrew has won multiple awards for his websites, but they don’t just look incredible — they’re smart, too. By incorporating automation tools, Andrew is able to give your clients the right message at the right time, all without any extra work on your part. The websites Andrew builds are secure, which is critical to everyone, but especially to our clients in healthcare. His websites are also designed to deliver information that can inform digital marketing — allowing us to create a virtuous cycle, phasing out anything that’s underperforming and doubling down on what’s working.

When you launch your site, you’ll need to make sure that people can find it. Andrew has extensive skills in both SEO and paid digital advertising (PPC – or ‘pay per click’). He takes the time to really understand your business goals – then sets up and works in detail with the data to ensure your website is gaining the attention of the right people, and that they are engaging with your business. While he has a deep understanding of the data, he can easily translate that back into clear, actionable strategy. 

Andrew also leads our custom software development, in particular, our Clinician Insights Platform (which delivers automated digital patient experiences and tracks patient outcomes) and our custom integration platform between our marketing automation hub Espina and common health practice management softwares.