Meet our Team

Joan Magpayo

Websites and Social Media Coordinator

Joan has had a dynamic global (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and the Philippines) career across a range of industries. In her background as a Production Editor, Joan collaborated with clients across healthcare and academia, before turning her focus to Digital Marketing. 

You’ll meet Joan when she helps build your new website, or taking care of your existing site to ensure that your content is up to date. She assists across a variety of areas including web, design and coordinating social media. 

Clients and colleagues value Joan’s commitment to delivering quality work quicky and efficiently. She is a warm and approachable communicator and brings a contagious enthusiasm for excellence within any project. Joan finds working with healthcare clients particularly rewarding as it allows her to engage with a sector marked by constant innovation and impact. Outside of work, Joan enjoys beach days with friends, pottery, and taking her dogs for walk.