7 Things To Consider Before You DIY Your Medical Practitioner Website

The recent reassessment of payments to contractor doctors as assessable for Payroll Tax has made it more important than ever to ensure that not only do you internally have the correct agreements in place, but also externally, your marketing and operations are in line with your stated model. If your practice has a model of […]

Would Your Medical Practice Survive a Payroll Tax Audit?

Four Areas that are Gaining Specific Attention by Revenue Offices and the Courts Can you establish your practice as validly being exempt from recent Payroll Tax reclassifications by State governments and through an appeal in court? In this article, we’re highlighting four main areas that have come to the attention of State Revenue Offices, ATO […]

What is Going on with Payroll Tax for Medical Practices?

What is Payroll Tax? The Queensland Government State Revenue Office (QRO) collects Payroll Tax from businesses where the total payroll is over $1.3M: Total payroll payments greater than $1.3M and less than $6.5M is 4.75% Total payroll payments greater than $6.5M is 4.95%   Many Medical Practices employ their admin and support staff, however, use […]