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Do you want to grow your practice?
Do you want to stand out with a digital patient experience?

Do you want your knowledge and expertise to help more patients?

Do you want to have greater impact on your patients’ and community’s health outcomes?

Do you need help to grow your practice profitably?

Do you need help to attract more staff?

We can help.

"Plain Speaking Health bridges the gap between our clinicians and what patients want. They have business skills, a really deep knowledge of marketing, and they also understand the clinical world and where clinicians fall down in their communications​."

Anthea Goslin,
Director of Clinical Services, Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Marketing, communications and crafted patient experience that increases the influence and reach of your medical expertise

As a medical specialist, you have many ways to increase your impact. One of the most effective ways to increase your impact is to grow your practice. That way, more patients benefit from your knowledge, services and treatments.

Another way to increase your impact is to focus on improving outcomes one patient at a time. You can have the maximum impact on each patient when you design the entire patient experience to be sure your advice is followed. And having maximum impact on one patient can lead to word-of-mouth recommendations to family, friends and GPs, increasing your opportunities to make a difference to more patients in the future.

Improving patient outcomes through better communication

Patients are more receptive to medical advice when they’re primed before meeting their doctor. And they’re more likely to follow that advice when their appointment is matched with effective follow-up material.

As a medical specialist, you’ve devoted years to acquiring knowledge that has the power to create positive change for individuals or whole communities. However, you’ve probably seen your evidence-based advice overlooked, misunderstood or ignored. You’re aware of opportunities lost, and avoidable outcomes becoming inevitable results.

As a specialist communication agency founded by a clinician, we know what it feels like to see good advice not taken. More importantly, we know how to change that for you.

"At Plain Speaking Health, we understand healthcare, and not just the terminology and Ahpra constraints.
We also understand the landscape you work in, the sense of purpose you bring to what you do and the pressure on your time."

Crafting a patient experience that reinforces your high quality care

We can help you to design a model of care for your practice than can involve yourself, other practitioners and digital tools working together to create the best possible experience for your patients — while being most efficient for you.

What could this look like?

  • A new patient might be welcomed to the practice with a video from their doctor.
  • Patients might be followed-up with educational content specific to their diagnosis — improving their understanding and compliance.
  • Knowing every patient gets the same information after a consultation give you peace of mind that every patient gets the crucial information and advice, enhancing consistency of high-quality care in group practices.

  • Automated systems make the process simple, reducing the burden on your administrators, nurses and doctors. 

When patients are primed and followed-up with pre-prepared material:

  • The specialist’s time is highly leveraged. There is less pressure to cover everything in the confines of a 20-minute consultation. Instead, specialists can use appointments to focus on what needs to be done face-to-face, to the maximum benefit of that particular patient.
  •  The patient’s levels of satisfaction, comprehension and compliance increase with commensurate improvements in patient outcomes.
"Because of their background on all sides of healthcare, Plain Speaking Health are able to provide information and guidance on all sorts of things at different levels for different practices. That’s where they’re unique."

Anna Lewis,
Bloom Women’s Health

How expert communications benefit medical specialists and patients

Our medical specialist clients rely on our skills to make it easy for them to:

  • Grow their patient base by enhancing their brand, designing and writing their webpages and patient communications, and marketing to referrers and directly to patients (always Ahpra compliant).
  • Design exceptional patient experiences from booking the first appointment onwards.
  • Create pre- and post-appointment communications to deliver the breadth of holistic advice that can’t be squeezed into a 20-minute appointment. This includes creating videos and tools like online courses.
  • Improve outcomes through communications that persuade patients to follow medical advice for the best long-term results.
  •  Ensure clarity, consistency and reinforcement of critical information.
  •  Consult on patient flow and practice integration with allied healthcare.
  •   Expertly write what they don’t have time to write themselves.
  •  Embrace and manage a digital presence that connects deeply with patients — authentically and professionally.

How we increase your influence through marketing and communications

Like you, we want to make an impact. That’s why our marketing and communications tactics are always answerable to your strategy and informed by data. Also, having worked in medical practice, we know what’s practical for your team, especially when it comes to how much it might to take to implement a “good idea”.

Patient, GP and Professional education programs

Are you wanting to increase the impact of your GP education program? 

Or do you feel that you constantly have to provide the same educational information for your patients?

Our team has extensive experience delivering online and in-person events that GPs value. We help at every stage — developing a curriculum, assisting with crafting your presentations, designing custom medical illustrations and graphics, building online education or helping with the logistics of your events.

From strategy to implementation

We can give strategic advice on growing your practice or recruiting the right doctors by increasing your influence. And we can pair that advice with the tactics that deliver on strategy, as well as handling or supporting the execution for you.

We can also help with all your patient communications — from website to emails to handouts or how your team presents advice. And we can introduce new and effective tools to amplify your effectiveness and reach — like online education and automating tasks to free up time.

Because we come from a clinical background, we can even help you design models of care. We can work with you to manage how patients flow through your practice, and how to optimise your use of other professional healthcare providers.

We make it easy for busy practices

You are a doctor, with busy clinics, theatre lists, inpatient rounds to get through – and running a private practice on top of that. 

Are you tired of managing a web developer, a brochure designer, a printer, social media and various marketing consultants all from different places?

With us, you’ll have a single point of contact. We bring all the marketing and technology specialists with us and we manage the work for you, so you’re not managing a group of different of people and suppliers who aren’t talking to each other.

And because we know healthcare, our whole team works together to make sure everything we produce is Ahpra-compliant and fits with your systems and infrastructure.

It’s likely you’ll need different things from us at different times. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, our expertise will be only a phone call away, whether it’s a new website, marketing materials, a social media plan, educational events for GPs… 

And if you don’t have a marketing person at all, our team can provide the strategic planning as well as the implementation of traditional and digital marketing to achieve your goals

How can we help you?

Are you a specialist medical practice that wants to see your evidence-based expertise result in maximum impact?

Whether you want to make an impact by growing your practice or through improving outcomes for the patients you already have, our expert communicators can help.

If you’re looking to grow your practice, increase your effectiveness or maximise the impact of your expertise, we’d love to hear from you.