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Reaching and creating excitement in audiences for healthtech entrepreneurs

Expert marketing and communication to customers, stakeholders, investors, employees and future talent.

As a healthcare entrepreneur, you’ll eventually want to put your business in front of as many excited customers as possible. 

That’s what we do. But even if you’re pre-launch, you still have strategic audiences and stakeholders to impress. 

Maybe it’s investors — current or next round. 

Perhaps it’s the developers you’d like to attract to the team in a tight talent market. 

We can help.

We understand healthcare, and we know startups.

Healthtech businesses grow from ideas. While your idea may have started in exciting technologies, very quickly you need to be able to transform your communications into a clear value proposition of what it is and why it’s beneficial for your customers. 

In your early stages, you’ll need to validate not just that your new technology works in practice, but also that it has a valid business model and market potential. While many founders are deeply focussed on developing their technology, the smartest founders have also clearly identified and analysed their target customers (both users and buyers) to ensure that there will be a business to deliver that technology. 

As a marketing agency that knows the healthcare and the startup community, you can bring us in early enough to think big and make plans. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive IP – it’s a tricky balance to validate your technologies without endangering your protections, while at the same time building your venture into the business needed to support it.  


Influential communications

Clarity of communication can be vital to the business, which is why you need us — because we speak health, tech and finance.

Customers — current or future — aren’t your only audience. Investors want to know how you’re spending their money. Top talent wants to know why they should come to work for you. Raising capital or growing could mean generating visibility of your roadmap locally or internationally.

We can design and implement a clear communications strategy for your stakeholders and investors — present and future. While your offer to the market might be brand new, every product benefits from experienced communicators who know how to apply — and adapt — proven methodologies to launch and grow products.

The right help to get to your next milestone

We understand that every dollar spent on building your venture through marketing and communications is a dollar that could be spent a hundred other ways.  That’s why we have created different packages for different startup stages, that include just what you need at the right time – and without running all over town to different freelancers and agencies to get it done.

  • You might just need a starter website and contact system when you’re just starting out, 
  • … or perhaps a full growth hacking marketing and sales system to rapidly scale your revenue,
  • … or help with strategically planning your capital raise marketing and engagement, with your Digital Investor Hub System set up to engage, nurture and track your potential investors’ engagement. 

We know the healthcare industry, and we know startups and the challenges of scaling.  With our smartly crafted packages and our growth-hacking approach, we’ll  provide the right help, at the right time to get you to your next milestone.

Tactics for tech marketing

Your B2B audience might not be impressed by fancy websites (or your investors might not think that’s where the money should be going). It might be that making the right connections on LinkedIn or an email newsletter to the influential is a better fit for you. Alternatively, your communications strategy might be concentrated on captivating pitch decks.

Smart marketing, whether it’s B2C or B2B, is about fitting the tactic to the strategy. It’s not about getting maximum exposure, when that might not be what you need at this stage. Smart marketing understands where you’re trying to get to then uses expertly crafted communication to grease the track that will get you there.

Smart marketing is also about creating assets. That might be a brand that doesn’t need reinventing as you grow or pivot. It might be a library of images, diagrams and artwork that you can reuse so you’re not paying to reinvent the wheel. Perhaps it’s slide decks that are easy to adapt to different audiences.

How can we help you?

Are you a healthtech business scaling up? Is it vital that you communicate with impact to customers, investors, employees, potential employees and the wider market?

If your healthtech business needs marketing and communications strategy and execution to thrive, we’d love to hear from you.