Services for
Not-for-Profit and Purpose-Driven Health Organisations

Reach your fundraising and community impact goals through strategic marketing, communications and digital systems.

Need to increase your fundraising revenue, donor database and community impact?

Do you need help to bring together your separate campaigns into a consistent and connected strategy?

Are you looking for support to translate your traditional campaigns into a strategic digital growth system?

Do you need help to translate complex medical, research or technical information into persuasive, emotive and engaging campaigns?

Do you need help to actually understand and use your data for ongoing improvement?

We can help.

In an increasingly competitive fundraising environment, you need new strategy, systems and technology to stand out.

You operate in a world where traditional fundraising meets new challenges, with increasing competition for fundraising revenue, tightening fundraising budgets and the need to ‘do more with less’. 

As a result standing out from your competitors to capture donors, secure grants and corporate partners, as well as delivering on your promises now requires new levels of  innovation in your strategic approach and implementation.


Unlock your full potential with Strategic Content Architecture

Say goodbye to siloed fundraising and marketing content, and hello to coordination that delivers impact and eases pressure on your team.

Strategic Content Architecture is your foundation for organised, efficient content that creates year-round impact. Our approach ensures that the year’s content is designed to achieve your most important goals, is consistent throughout your interactions, and is efficient through maximising the ability for multi-channel and multi-use content.


Time Saving Solutions

A clear picture of your upcoming content means no more scrambling for ideas or building new strategies with every campaign and engagement.

Consistent Brand Experience

Cohesive message themes and building on past campaigns pave the way for more meaningful donor relationships in between ‘asks.’

Maximised Content Value

Create maximum leverage through multi-purpose content, designed in advance and structured for easy deployment across multiple channels.

Organisational Visibility

Break down the silos to know what teams are working on, share content, and increase impact.

Turbo-Charge your Fundraising with a Digital Foundation and Campaign Accelerators

Digital is no longer an add-on to a ‘traditional’ campaign. Digital assets are the base of your campaign, and the amplifiers of your impact.

We know it can be hard to get ‘traditional’ IT departments on board for interactive digital campaigns – that’s why we’ve made it easier, with simple campaign foundations and accelerators that can be deployed with minimal impact on your existing IT infrastructure.

Multply your impact with our Campaign Multipliers:

Strategic Digital-First Fundraising

Don’t just add a ‘donate’ page to your website and expect a magical result. Your digital strategy involves a strong foundation, data-driven optimisation and campaign accelerators to maximise your reach, activation and donation.

Data-Driven Strategies

Digital systems offer rich data and campaign testing systems to plan, launch and adapt your campaign with real-time feedback. Even print and mail campaign messaging can be tested quickly and cheaply with real audiences before campaigns are printed.

Digital Campaign Foundations, with add-on Multiply Capabilities

Build a strong digital foundation with ease. From mini-websites for fundraising campaigns to SMS amplification and reactivation of incomplete online donation forms, we have you covered.

Expand Your Reach to New Donors

Amplify your reach with advanced digital engagement tactics. Whether it’s through groups, gamification, social sharing, or search and social media advertising, we’ll help you connect with new audiences online like never before.

Re-Use your Best Assets

Don’t start from scratch with each new campaign. Use your best performing past campaigns as templates, saving time and effort while improving your campaigns.

Build Stronger Relationships with your Donors at Greater Scale through Strategic Design, Automation and Data.

  • Is your Donor Experience plan stuck in the ‘get around to it one-day’ pile?
  • Is your Donor Engagement entirely dependent on a staff member’s desire to reach out to people?
  • Are you at risk that your program will collapse if a staff member leaves?

Feeling overwhelmed by manual donor management?

We help you design, build, and automate a personalized donor experience that ignites engagement and fuels fundraising success.

We all know that fundraising is a ‘relationships game’ – the better relationships you have with your community, the better your fundraising outcomes. Donors who feel appreciated, valued and connected with your purpose are likely to have higher retention, higher average gift sizes and be more likely to share your cause with others.

But often that falls to the fundraising team’s individual personalities, willingness to reach out, and personal relationship building skills. 

Don’t leave your donor relationships to chance – instead, build a systematic, automated experience program that delivers consistent experiences, can scale your relationships through automation, and lets your team focus on their highest value personalised interactions.  

From Strategy to Implementation

Our strategists take the time to understand your goals and what they actually mean for your organisation. 

In this sector, revenue is not just a number – it’s not profit lining some wealthy billionaire’s pockets as they sail the Meditteranean. Revenue means fulfilling your mission – whether that is directly providing services for people with medical conditions or disability, educating  the community and carers that support them, or advocating for positive change from our leaders or governments. We know you have a long list of the ‘someday-oneday’ great ideas that could help — when you have the funding to get to them.

You don’t need lofty proposals and plans. You need strategy that is grounded, realistic for your level of capability and actually able to be implemented.

And sometimes you need help with that implementation – through access to skills, technologies and efficient systems that can wrap around and support the team you have. 

We make it easy for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Start with Collaborative Design

We'll work together to understand your needs, design the path to achieve those goals. Your Growth Roadmap is your guide to goal achievement and a clear scope of responsibilities so you always know what's involved.

Individual Projects

Our team can help with one-off projects like a new website or a specific campaign.
Draw from our team of experienced marketers, health professionals, graphic designers, digital developers, automation experts, search engine optimisation and advertising specialists.

Growth Marketing Support

Need extra capacity or skills on an ongoing basis? We provide a flexible approach for when you don't need a full team of your own, but are tired of wasting time and expense with a revolving door of different freelancers.

Growth Hacking

Have an obstacle getting in the way of achieving your goals?
Deploy our Growth Hacking SWAT to analyse your progress and run a data-driven hypothesis-testing approach focussed on your outcomes.

How can we help you?

Would you like to talk about increasing your fundraising and community impact?

Whether you want to gain consistency and efficiency through strategic content architecture, multiply your campaign impact with digital systems or scale your donor experience, our expert and multi-skilled team can help. 

If you’re looking to design and actually implement strategic marketing, communications and digital systems, then we’d love to hear from you.