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Expert science communication that conveys the value of your research to the market, the media, investors and funding bodies

Properly funded research makes the biggest impact. Impactful research is amplified by expert communication that ensures the greatest reach and understanding. 

And achieving the greatest reach and understanding means more people acting on your research, whether your audience is government, the private sector, individuals or the investors who can turn your research into commercial reality.

We can help.

How we help research institutions with marketing and communications​

Our research clients rely on our skills to make sure:

  • Their research is funded — so they can go as deep as they need to​
  • Their research finds its way into the right hands — so it has impact​
  • Their research is understood — so it can be used to make a difference​

Communications agency designed with science at the core

Plain Speaking Health was founded by a clinician with more than a decade of additional experience in business, innovation, health tech, and eHealth consulting for PwC and Queensland Health. In every one of those roles, it was vital to clearly communicate facts and science. That’s why our team is recruited for its deep experience communicating for science-based organisations.

As a result of that experience, every one of us knows the terrain you’re working in. We know the challenges of working across dozens of labs breaking ground in different disciplines over potentially hundreds of projects. We know how to ask the right questions, assimilate information quickly and get deep into the research.

Most importantly, we know how to turn what we learn into communications that are clear to the audience and respectful of the science. And we know how to do it in ways that are consistent with the organisation’s strategy and brand.

Our science background combined with marketing expertise is why communications and marketing managers trust us to scale their always-stretched communications teams. We can bring additional skills or add extra resources when the pressure is on, whether that’s nailing a grant application or amplifying a fundraising initiative.

How we work with researchers

All research is unique, but researchers share traits.

  • They’re busy.
  • They appreciate working with someone with enough of a science background to keep up.
  • They’d rather not repeat themselves, whether it’s answering a question they’ve answered before or going through information already covered by their latest journal article.

No one can have a PhD in every discipline, but our team is fluent in science. And while we’re not frightened to ask “dumb” questions on behalf of your audience, we do our homework first. That way, we’re always making the most of the face-to-face time we have with your researchers.

How can we help you?

Do you have quality research projects that need attention or funding?

Do you have game-changing findings that you need to explain and disseminate widely?

Is your research ready to present to the investors who could commercialise it?

Our team has a deep track record on helping research institutes reach their communications and marketing goals.

We’d love to talk to you about what your organisation wants to achieve and how we can work together to get you there.