Modern Marketing for Health Professionals, Researchers and Healthtech – What is it?

Having a good understanding of marketing, let alone where to start or what to do next, can feel overwhelming. As health professionals, scientists, researchers or innovators, we become highly skilled in our fields but may have little exposure to the science of modern marketing. Or worse yet, have too much exposure to ‘salesy’ tactics that just don’t fit our values.

 At Plain Speaking Health, we understand healthcare, sciences and healthtech. We see marketing from a broad, strategic perspective – it’s about to making connections that grow relationships with your stakeholders and inspire actions that serve your business goals. 

For our medical specialists, it may mean connecting with more new patients or enhancing your clinic’s relationship with your existing patients. It can help connect with your referrers and industry partners or even connect with the next generation of doctors to join your practice. It is about taking an evidence-based, ethical approach to your business without putting your AHPRA registration at risk. 

For our researchers, it can be connecting with donors for your fundraising campaigns to help them understand your work’s importance and potential impact or present clear messaging for assessors when applying for competitive grants. Or it can even be in making connections with the subjects you need to complete your studies.

For our healthtechs, start-ups and innovators, most are aware of marketing as essential to the growth of sales of a finished product – but well before then, how are you investing in the connection and relationships with your community, your investors and your network well before capital raising? Understanding your connections and building your relationships before pitching for funding can be critical to a successful raise. 

The best marketing is aligned with a clear business goal, creates a clear ‘plain speaking’ message that lands directly with your target audience, and achieves a measurable impact for the short and long-term in your business. 

Do you need help?

If you’re looking to make better connections, grow your practice, increase your effectiveness or maximise the impact of your expertise, we’d love to hear from you.

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